JMU Celebs: Mia B.

Name: Mia Brabham

Hometown: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Major: Media Art and Design  Concentration: Digital Video Cinema

Minor: Creative Writing

Q: Why did you start your videos on YouTube?

A: It’s a funny story. It was actually an accident. It was seventh grade. I was a dancer all my childhood and I used to love choreographing things. So I choreographed this dance with my friend and we recorded it with this crappy, pink digital camera. And then we put it on YouTube. YouTube was in its infant age. No one knew what YouTube was. We uploaded and it went viral. It has over 126,000 views, probably more now. For then, it was absolutely insane. After that, I was addicted.

Q: Do you have a favorite video?

A: That’s really hard. I’ve been doing it so long. I have a favorite old one and a favorite new one, but I don’t have an absolute favorite one.

Q: What has been something positive that has come from making these videos?

A: Definitely the chance to engage and talk with people and hear people’s ideas is so cool and what they think. It’s amazing to touch people’s lives I would get so many comments and emails, people talking about how much they loved my videos and how it inspired them. I had a girl tell me I saved her life. That was the moment I realized I could touch people’s lives.

Q: How do you like being known around JMU?

A: It’s really cool to know people from all different backgrounds, organizations and majors. It can be frustrating, especially when I’m trying to get somewhere and I stop and see people. I don’t want to be rude. I literally have to find corners to get work done.

Q: Did you think you would become popular at JMU?

A: Oh my gosh, no.

Q: What is one fan memory that sticks out in your mind?

A: I had a lot of people stop me after I made my college advice series. I met this girl in Dukes and she said, “Oh my god! I know you, I watch your videos!”

Q: Do you have a craziest fan experience?

A: I was walking down the beach with my friends and this girl was staring really hard at me, not even smiling at me. Five minutes later, this girl came running behind me screaming my name.  She said, “I watch your YouTube videos. I’m on vacation and I wasn’t sure it was you, but I came back.”

Q: Do you have one video that has the most views?

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 2.28.01 PM

Q: What might be something that surprises people about you?

A: I really like being alone; I’m an introverted extrovert. I love alone time. I hate talking in front of people.

JMU Celebs: Mia B.

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