JMU Celebs: Tanthony


Name: Anthony Duggan

Major: Media Arts and Design, Concentration: Journalism

Hometown: Massapequa, NY

Q: When did you start tanning?

A: I started tanning at the end of high school, my senior year. My ex-girlfriend got me into it. From there, I was addicted.

Q: How often do you tan?

A: I tan one to two times a week. I don’t even tan that much. Since I’m Italian, it’s easy for me to tan quickly. It really doesn’t need to be everyday.

Q: Where do you go to tan at JMU?

A: I go to Beach Bum.

Q: Do they know you there?

A: Yeah they do, they all know me. The girls are very friendly there, they don’t really care [and]  they’re nice to me.

Q: How do you like being famous at JMU?

A: I like it sometimes, and other times I don’t like it. Only because I can’t do anything without people knowing what I’m doing. I can’t eat in peace; I can’t walk around campus. I get attacked constantly, especially when people are drunk. I like it to a degree because people recognize me and I think it’s pretty cool, but at the same time, it has its downfalls.

Q: How do you like the name Tanthony?

A: I think whoever made it is creative. I would never think to put that together, to put the T in front of Anthony because it spells out tan. If my mom didn’t name me Anthony, none of this would have ever happened.

Q: So you don’t know who started it?

A: I don’t. I think it began on Yik Yak, from Yik Yak and took off and then people actually started calling me that in public.

Q: Coming to JMU, did you know that you would become so well known?

A: No. I knew I was different than a lot of people coming here; being from New York and the north, we have a different culture. I wear earrings, I have a chain, I’m Italian and we are really into what we look like.  A lot of people here are more laid back and [with] southerners it’s different. I didn’t think that I would become so well known. And the whole stereotype of lifting and being tan, they all think I’m from the Jersey Shore, even though I’m not from there. Its funny. And then they go GTL (gym tan laundry). It’s funny, but it’s true, though.

Q: What might people be surprised to know about you?

A: I’m actually a good guy. I have resting b—- face, but when people actually meet me they really like me and they say that I’m one of the nicest guys they’ve met. I’m really down to earth and I care about people a lot. I’m very easy to approach; I may not look like it because I’m big and I lift a lot. My mom raised me well. I’m really close to her. I’m really good guy deep down.

Q: A lot of people say you are a douchebag, any comment to that?

A: A lot of people say I’m a douchebag from the way I look or that I use girls, [but] I don’t. I’m really a good guy.

Q: Do people ask a lot of questions or stare at you a lot?

A: Oh yeah. People look at me, they stare at me all over campus. When they’re drunk, they try to talk to me. I’m humble about it. I introduce myself as Anthony, because that’s what my name is. I’ll never add the T when I introduce myself.

Q: Do you get a lot of girls because of your persona?

A: It’s funny. I do get a lot of girls, but then again, I don’t. A lot of them think they’re too good for me or I’m too good for them. Or they’re afraid to approach me because of the name, but whomever I meet I’m just down to earth. They get to know me for who I am and then when they find out I’m Tanthony, that they don’t even see me as Tanthony anymore. They know me for who I am and my personality, not who I am at JMU.

Q: What’s the craziest encounter you’ve had with someone because of being Tanthony?

A: I’ve actually had a girl ask for my autograph in Carrier.

JMU Celebs: Tanthony

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